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PRÆCIPIO EFS was formed when three university professors, in their own small way, decided to disprove the notion that “those who can’t, teach.”

After being continually solicited for outside guidance, Mike, Karen, and Alex decided to start their own consulting firm, which launched in 2007. The name PRAECIPIO was chosen, which has been a continual source of bemusement as we’ve observed our clients and working collaborators struggle over its pronunciation.

So briefly, it is pronounced: Pri – kip –e – o.

And after reading below, we think you’ll agree that it’s an appropriate name.


praecipio (vb. tr.), to teach, propound, instruct, advise, recommend.

From prae, ‘beforehand’, and capio, ‘take hold of, grasp’.

Root of the English word ‘precept’.

docui, monui, bene praecepi semper quae potui omnia. 
Terence, Adelphi 5.9.6
‘I have always taught, warned, and carefully advised everything that I could.’

quicquid praecipies, esto brevis. 
Horace, Ars Poetica 335
‘Whatever you advise, let it be succinct.’

justitia praecipit, parcere omnibus, consulere generi hominum. 
Cicero, De Re Publica 3.24
‘Justice teaches that we should be merciful to everyone, and care for the human race.’

recte Graeci praecipiunt, non temptanda quae effici omnino non possint. 
Quintilian, Institutiones Oratoriae 4.5.17
‘The Greeks rightly recommend, that what is impossible to achieve should not be attempted.’

Our special thanks to our colleague Dr. Isabella Bunn, who splits her time between Oxford and Florida Tech. Isabella approached a colleague in England, Dr. Deborah Rooke, a Lecturer in Old Testament Studies at King’s College London, who received Oxford's highest honours for achievement in Greek and Hebrew and Latin. Dr. Rooke provided the historic, literary citations above. We are most grateful to Dr. Rooke for her time and energy.